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How Boudoir Sessions Work

Boudoir books can make great gifts, but Boudoir sessions can make for great anxiety, too. Here are some FAQs and answers for you:

Why does the session take two hours?

I like to make sure customers are comfortable. Let's face it,  baring it all for a photographer is bound to require a bit of courage and conviction. I find it takes the full two hours to work through a bit of anxiety and to get to the really good shots.

Why can't I just have the digital images?

I have found over the years that Boudoir sessions are done with a one-time occasion in mind (birthday, wedding, anniversary are popular), and most people want to be discreet. A  personalized book makes perfect sense for such an intimate gift. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the shoot? 

Yes! Not only does this shoot require a bit of courage on your part, if also requires a bit of preparation. Believe it or not, you'll need water...lots of water. You'll need to stretch (those poses are held for a while). Click here to see recommendations on how to have the best Boudoir session possible.