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How do I Prepare for a Boudoir Session?

Before the session:

1. Choose the space(s) you think you’d like to use and talk to the photographer about them. If your spouse/partner has a particular hobby, you may choose to incorporate those elements into your shoot. For example, if he/she works on cars as a hobby, then the garage can be a good spot for a shot or two—super sexy! If you’re a gardener, the tool shed can make a provocative setting.

2. Once the date and time of the photo shoot are set, think about the look you’re going for. If you wnt glamorous, then make plans for hair and/or makeup if you don’t plan to style yourself. Boudoir photographs are as glamorous or as natural as you care for them to be.

3. Review your lingerie wardrobe. Adding your spouse’s/partner’s favorite clothes and other accessories such as pearl necklaces, bracelets, or earrings adds a more personal touch. Other items such as bra inserts (a.k.a. ‘chicken cutlets’) aren’t necessary but can alleviate some difficulty in holding unnatural poses for very long. Basically, this is a no-holds-barred shoot. Pull out all the stops! You want to look the way you feel, or imagine yourself to be. Be sure to inform the photographer of wardrobe choices. He/she may also have some suggestions.

4. This one may sound silly, but….the day before and the day of the session: Don’t eat anything that typically makes you feel bloated. Beware of high-sodium foods, starches and other such things. You won’t feel confident or pretty if you feel bloated.

The day of the session:

1. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Some of the poses are unnatural and therefore, exhausting. Water will help keep you flexible. It can also get hot in the room while shooting, so that’s another reason to stay hydrated.

2. The photographer will arrive approximately about one half-hour early to set up the space and prepare for the session. The photographer can also help determine which outfit to start with. While the photographer is setting up, be comfortable, chat, turn on your favorite music and relax.

3. The photo session lasts two hours. This is a long session and you are almost sure to be tired (as is the photographer). Be sure to communicate when you need a break. This is important to feeling energized and staying fresh-looking throughout the session.

4. The photographer may need to adjust clothing while you’re holding a pose, and this may feel awkwardly intimate at times. Rest assured that the photographer has only the end result of a great shot in mind. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your photographer. If, at any time, you don’t feel comfortable, please let the photographer know.

5. There have been some great boudoir shots done in bathtubs. Keep in mind that, for the sake of makeup and photography equipment, the water should not be hot lest the steam make you sweat (ruining the makeup) and fog up the lens. This can be very uncomfortable if you’re the type of person who gets chilly easily. Should you choose to do any water shots, they will be done as quickly as possible, and will be done at the very end of the session.

If you have any questions at all concerning this session, please contact me. This is going to be a great session!